This is what I worked on last night instead of sleeping. It started out as just something to do whilst I was kind-of watching TV, as everything was so bad, but it sucked me in till almost midnight. Then when 1:30am ticked around and I still couldn’t sleep, I did this instead. The theory is that stitching should tire your eyes out and make you sleep… didn’t work.

It’s really just a practice piece, but I’m really happy with how the colours and sizes and scattering have worked (ever the Photoshopper, I’m thinking in terms of jitter and scatter). The large central pink piece was something I started a few weeks ago, based on a flash of inspiration, but then I forgot what was meant to happen next. It’s pink couched with little yellow points, I love how it feels when I run my fingers over it.

I’m quite excited about this new stitch, which I got from the fantastic A-Z of Embroidery Stitches, and I’m planning to buy some poplin or cotton as soon as I can get to Lincraft, so I can start something new. I also want to pick up some more varied threads… I have this silly fantasy of doing a sort of stylised golf course masterplan, but I don’t know why, it would probably look ridiculous and I spend enough time working on those stupid drawings as it is!


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