I was actually quite excited about getting stuck into a new project, and gleefully hunted down a dress to cut up for canvas. By the time I’d cut two large clean panels, ironed them and sat down with my threads… I realised I was unwilling to do the same kind of design straight away. So I hunted through my book and found these daisies, which I supplemented with a few French knots and random little flowers.

I particularly like the little soft salmon pink flowers with 5-6 petals. I felt they were more natural and I have great hopes for future blossoms! I’m not sure whether to keep going with pinks or move to the greenery and slip in a few stems and leaves already.

I worked on the flowers for a couple of hours, chatting with an eye on the TV… It was a great way to spend the evening and no grazing occurred — supper was rapidly dispatched in fact, so eager was I to get on with the needles!


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