miCoach 18/07

Run: Base
Time: 21:45
Distance: 3.69km
Pace: 5:54min/km

I was up late babysitting (yay cash), but slept well and woke by 8am. I thought about a Saturday morning lie-in but eventually steeled myself for a morning run, with the reasoning: “it’s only 20 minutes and it’s just an easy base run all in the blue zone.” It felt a lot longer and harder than that!

It’s really useful having the charts on my phone. I discovered post-run the reason for my discomfort: I was supposed to run 20 minutes in my easy zone (blue = between 6:54 and 5:49 min/km) but spent most of my time hovering in-and-out of my green zone (5:49-5:02) only to exhaust myself and drop down right below blue every 3 or so minutes — no wonder I only scored 90%. Consequently my pace was the same as yesterday’s interval run! Next time I’ll make sure I check my speed regularly and try to stay more consistent. I feel like I’m running really slowly but I need to slow down — I’m not fit enough to maintain these speeds!

That all said and done, I’m going back to bed for an hour!


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