I had such a good time this afternoon — my friend Mel and I went for delicious French crepes and a lot of French chat, followed by a spot of shopping.

I had better luck than I had even hoped for at Target, where I got a mini food processor for $13 and a Slap-Chop (well, a “Tap That”, which is a hilarious name) for $10. I can’t wait to do some slapping, chopping, blending fun!

We also went via Lincraft as I wanted some variegated threads (I can never choose one colour so this way I get lots in one!). I am hot on the bargains today obviously as I spotted this $5 cheapo embroidery kit. It has a lot of crappy bits I don’t have much use for but it does have an extra hoop (of mediocre quality), and some material and threads. And little mirrors, which I’ve seen some cool stitches for. Anyway, I couldn’t pass on it.


One thought on “shopping!

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