miCoach 19/09

Run: Intervals
Time: 24:20
Distance: 4.16km
Pace: 5.51

I gave myself more of a lie-in today, particularly as yesterday’s morning run wiped me out (I had an hour-long nap afterwards!) so I decided to take it easy. It was whilst reading my book, The Shining Company, that I was inspired to get up and run: “even winged by fear, he was not the runner that we were after months of training.”

I am continuing to (unintentionally) shave seconds off my overall pace, not to any great effect of course. I can’t say there was anything terribly enjoyable about the two 5-minute green runs, nor even about the other 13 minutes of blue zone. I should probably stop running in such hilly locations but the closest flat park is Edinburgh Gardens and it’s always packed with hipsters and dickheads. Carlton and Fitzroy Gardens are so beautifully landscaped, and less popular with the trendy crowds.

As always these days, the best part of running is when it’s over and I can congratulate myself on not having given up. Maybe I need to spend some time at the gym and start weight training again; also running on the treadmill is so much easier — 5km, 7km, 10km are all very achievable compared to a couple of circuits of the local park.


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