miCoach 20/09

Run: Base
Time: 25:45
Distance: 4.37
Pace: 5:54

I flip-flopped about this morning’s run — deciding I didn’t have time and needed to conserve energy, then the dentist called to cancel my appointment and I just… went back to bed. Fortunately the gods of running are smiling upon me and gave me another chance — I finished work early and still got to run today.

I decided to hit the treadmill as a morale booster. I know many runners hate it, but it’s so much easier. Plus I really wanted to get a better idea of my speed. I ran the whole time at 10km/h and realised that whilst my blue zone is in fact correct, the music I listen to when running influences my speed considerably. Many of my “up-beat” tracks are still too slow, and I had to run a bit faster than the beat to stick at 10km/h, so obviously I need to rethink my running playlist.


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