miCoach 22/09

Run: Intervals
Time: 21:03
Distance: 3.53km
Pace: 5.58

I honestly didn’t think this one would happen. When my alarm went off at 8:30 I just reset it for 9:45 and went straight back to sleep. I wasn’t planning to run before work, but at 10 I sort of had this surge of energy that swept me up and out of bed and into my running shoes and out the door and suddenly I was running again.

And hating it. It’s such hard work. I don’t know how Alison can do 35km runs every week when my daily 3.5km is such a fight. I feel so heavy and uncoordinated. I know that 3.5km is a warm-up distance and if I were to run at a slower pace I can go three times the distance (or three times the duration, although not both of those at the same time). But 35km? nu-uh! I know you worked up to these distances gradually, Alison, but it still commands a tremendous amount of respect!

However, I am really proud of myself for getting out of bed on a day which I had assigned as a possible “rest day”, and to do a particularly nasty run (blue-green-yellow-blue-green-yellow-bluuuuue, with blue=10km/h and yellow=12.5km/h). I managed to run, shower, breakfast (mashed banana, chia seeds and honey on toast) which I gulped down as I speed-walked to work, all in the space of an hour. It helped that the sun was shining, and that I reminded myself that I can achieve a lot in 20 minutes of running!


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