miCoach 25/09

Run: Intervals
Time: 20:19
Distance: 3.46km
Pace: 5:53m/km

I wasn’t going to have time or energy for a run yesterday — 13 hour workdays just don’t leave room for exercise. I was still aching from yoga anyway so I was happy to schedule in a rest/recovery day. Annoyingly, early this morning I had to head back into work briefly, but this meant I would be going via Carlton Gardens anyway so I changed into my running gear and ran on my way back.

I’ve recently watched several documentaries and films featuring childbirth. And I wonder what it is that makes humans put themselves through agony and then forget the pain and even claim to enjoy the entire experience and do it all over again. Childbirth, love… and running. The moment it’s over I feel great and start looking forward to the next one. But the whole time I’m running I’m loaaaathing it. Well maybe not all the time. But a large chunk of it!

My (expensive and flashy) BlackBerry fell out my pocket and I stepped on it (nice scratches), then it kept trying to play slow girly music at the same time as my “DJ Podrunner” 140bpm electro mix. I guess those distractions weren’t as bad as I thought though, as I scored 100%! I may have my doubts about the scoring system on miCoach but I don’t care, seeing 100% on the screen was well worth it!

After my run I did a workout video. It’s terrifying how much strength I’ve lost this winter. Now I’m weak as a kitteh and going to do nothing all day! Boss has offered to pay for a massage as my neck is screwed after too much Photoshop, but I don’t think I can be bothered.


2 thoughts on “miCoach 25/09

  1. What a great post – I wish I’d read it before I did my agonising 25 minute run today. Obviously we have to go through the pain for a reason, no matter what part of life we’re talking about. Not sure if I’d like to go through childbirth again, but I do have a great sense of achievement for doing it once in my lifetime! As for the running, there’s so much I want to achieve from it that I think I will be a sucker for punishment, again and again and again!

    • Thanks Shelley! I have no experience of giving birth, and it’s something that looks terrifying so I have nothing but admiration for those who do it even just the once! but based on the number of people in the world I’m guessing many do go back and do it again…
      I’m dressed and ready to run now! I try to find motivation every day, and today you’ve been that motivation šŸ™‚


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