In the end I decided the opportunity was too good to be missed and my neck pain too much to ignore. I had a lovely massage with a lady who really listened to me and tailored her techniques to meet my psychological needs as well as physical, balancing remedial with relaxation. Definitely going back!

I’m also thinking of doing pilates as the massage centre is part of a pilates studio. Maybe if I plan carefully I can afford yoga, massage and pilates. I’d like to ditch the gym but I need access to the treadmill for emergencies. Still, it’d probably be cheaper for me to get a couple of day passes every month, than to pay for my gym membership… a voir.


2 thoughts on “oily

  1. I vote: ditch the gym ! (but that’s because I really do not enjoy gyms and lurve yoga and even pilates, to some degree).

    You can get your day passes for those treadmill emergencies!

    • I think you’re right Karine! I’m going to end it tomorrow. The summer is coming and I have many other places I can exercise for free or for a day pass! So exciting, to think of all the swimming and yoga and runs and walks…


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