man vs machine – miCoach 26/09

Run: Base
Time: 20:19
Distance: 3.24km
Pace: 6:24min/km

I already have a power walk around Albert Park and an afternoon at the driving range scheduled today so was unsure about running. My knees are really playing up and even though the stretches suggested by the massage therapist helped, I’m still very sore. Additionally it’s not like I’ve been enjoying my runs recently. However Shelley’s post reminded me that we all have bad days so I upped and went regardless.

But I’m having serious issues with the miCoach system, and I’m wondering if I need to find a different way of managing my runs.

Firstly, the way it tracks my speed is dependent on the GPS — obviously on cloudy days there are going to be issues, but today was a glorious sunny clear day. The readout shows me having “stopped” 4 times, when I definitely never even slowed down. So the GPS is dropping out and affecting the data the system calculations. Several times a run, I’ll be told to speed up to blue zone when I’m obviously going top-of-blue/green.

Secondly, I sincerely think it makes me do too many short fast runs. Where are the long slow runs? I am following the weight loss programme as opposed to the run or fitness improvement programmes so maybe that’s why but I don’t think it’s right that not a single run is under 10km/h. My running friends have all told me I should schedule an LSD run once a week of about 6-7km, where I’m moving at barely a jog and don’t get out of breath. I think I may have to add it to my schedule myself and just so it without coaching. I’m thinking Friday mornings.

Maybe if I had the heart monitor the system would be better tailored to my needs. miCoach can’t magically guess if I’m being pushed too hard; maybe I should redo the assessment and match the zones to an easier pace. All I know is I cannot sustain the current pace of the runs it schedules me!


One thought on “man vs machine – miCoach 26/09

  1. I was actually thinking of doing my run around Albert Park today – somewhere I don’t have to turn around at the halfway point, as it is 4.7km right? My monitoring schedule is a little less technical than yours. No machines for me! What I do is run, and then drive where I ran and clock it that way. I know, pretty basic huh? But today I did 4.2km in 25 minutes, so I was happy with that. So my advice, if you’re actually looking for any of course, is to do what suits you, your body will tell you. I still think at the end of the day, wo(man) beats machine!


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