back in the game!

Run: Recovery
Time: 30:13min
Distance: 4.72km

What a fantastic run! I didn’t want it to end and kept turning down different paths of the park to put off arriving home. It was meant to be 20 minutes long but after I found my stride I knew I was definitely running for more than that. I wish I’d known I was only a few hundred metres off 5km as I could easily have done them! Should have checked before I stopped.

I had a rude awakening when I suddenly realised it was 6:26 and I hadn’t heard my alarm for yoga. I hesitated just a few seconds before throwing on my clothes and running to class. I made it to the classroom by 6:30 on the dot, rather out of breath but thrilled to be there. The 90 minute practice went well and when I got outside and felt the sunshine pouring over me I was suddenly motivated for a run. So glad I did! Unfortunately I was so excited I accidentally deleted the run from my phone without synching it so I can’t analyse it in detail…

I think the reasons this run went so beautifully were:
— a sustainable pace (45 seconds slower than average but much more agreeable)
— a couple days of rest beforehand
— Lady Gaga in my ears to warm up, which made me happy and bouncy, followed by trance which is far more soothing and rhythmic
— yoga beforehand stretching and warming my legs up
— last but not least, gorgeous weather: warm sunshine but chill breeze, so I was rejoicing in the blue sky without overheating!

Anyway, I cannot express how pleasant and fun this run was. Looking forward to tomorrow! At last I’m enjoying running again…


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