the wrong kind of stitches

Run: Messy
Time: 24:45
Distance: 3.77km
Pace: 6:33

Aiya! I started out full of good-but-realistic intentions… Sun is shining and I’m fairly well rested despite yesterday’s run + the driving range + lazy slightly boozy afternoon. The scheduled run was a couple of intervals and I was confident it would be feasible, as I seem to be running green/yellow paces even when I’m in blue.

But then the stitch again at 15min! Whyyyyyy? I walked it out for 3-4 minutes then ran/hobbled the last km bravely wincing and wishing I could magic it away… Stitches are so annoying.

This doesn’t change the fact that I’m pleased to see I ran 50km in September, and I hope to increase that significantly this October, especially with the sunshine and the longer days. Running 3-5km 5 times a week should see me reaching at least 60km! Must MUST remember to cancel gym membership… >___<


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