OUT damn stitch!

Run: Recovery
Time: 21:07
Distance: 3.11km
Pace: 6:47

I shoulda woulda coulda run this morning but I’m trying to be a touch more intuitive with my runs and I just didn’t feel like it. This evening it was still sunny and Carlton Gardens were full of people exercising as I left work, so I fought my inner desire for chips and put on my running gear. I headed up to Fitzroy Gardens for a change of scenery; it’s 1.5km from home and I spent the entire walk there trying to stretch and breathe deep to kill the niggling pain in my side.

No such luck. I spent some time today reading about stitches and how to prevent them, and whilst verrrrry deep breathing made me sound like a small tornado, I did manage to run the full 20 minutes with just a whisper of a side-stitch rather than a full-blown crippling one. But how frustrating! I only ran 3km, but walked a total of about 7km today so I suppose overall that’s not so bad.

I have yoga tomorrow morning and I’d really like to run afterwards if I feel as sparkly afterwards as I did last week, because I was beautifully stretched and running was so comfortable. I do have a run scheduled for the evening should I get out of work in time… Busy day ahead!


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