heels on the ground

I was somewhat apprehensive about today’s class — our teacher had informed us she wouldn’t be around to lead us. Instead of having instructions, we “beginners” were told to set up at the back of the mysore room and to work by ourselves. Terrifying! Everyone in the mysore room is doing back bends and headstands and here we were struggling with the order of the most basic moves. But surprisingly after a couple of wobbly moments, and a complete mental blank as to what comes after palms-under-feet, I managed ok. And I had a beautiful moment when, in downward dog for the 25th time, I felt my heels touch the floor. In a year of on-off yoga, my hamstrings have never stretched enough to hit the floor in downward dog (which has always annoyed the hell out of me, as many beginners seemed to master it pretty quick!). Even though by DD number 28 (of 40…) my legs were too tired to manage it again, I’m still basking in the glory of such an achievement.

I’ve signed up for Intro 2 starting next week, Wednesdays and Fridays, but the teacher in the mysore room told me I’m independent enough to join the mysore practice any day/time that suits me so I’m pretty happy about that. Mysore runs every day from 6:30am till 9:30, so I could go from say 7:30 till 9 and not have to get up quite so early.

I can join in mysore because I FINALLY know the order of the first dozen asanas, which I am writing here for my own reference before I forget again…

Sun salute A x5
Sun salute B x5
Samasthiti hands to heart
Jump hands to hips – forward bend Hold toes
Palms under feet
Samasthiti hands to heart
Jump out – triangle
Triangle twist
Samasthiti hands to heart
Jump out – Lunge
Lunge twist
Jump out – hands to hip eyes to ceiling
Forward bend palms to floor
Forward bend hands to hip
Forward bend hands behind back
Jump out – hands prayer pose behind back


3 thoughts on “heels on the ground

  1. I had to google “Samasthiti” because what I do / hear in my practice is “Tadasana” and according to Yoga Journal, they are the same pose. Who knew !

    How long does it take you to go through this whole sequence? Seems like a very challenging practice – but that might be because I have never written out the poses that I do over the course of a 1h practice…

    • Yes, at my previous practice they referred to it as tadasana too, which was a little confusing when I first started here!

      It took me 75 minutes to do that sequence twice by myself today, but I think it should take about 30 minutes when less confused. Normally we do it once under instruction and then the teacher tries to introduce us to the next steps which are more challenging… It was great to have the opportunity of doing the sequence twice as my hammies had warmed up so well… Hence the DD success!

      It possibly sounds like a lot but I’ve listed every step as I’m quite forgetful…

  2. OH! and I wanted to say CONGRATS on getting your heals to touch in DD – I’m proud of you (I know how satisfying it is when it finally happens)


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