twenty years ago, I did this for me

Having reached the ripe old age of 27 without the babies I’d expected to have by 23, I have actually lost interest in having children “for now”. You get financially independent, and suddenly your freedom and disposable income become precious and you find yourself mainly interested in preserving your self-centered life-style as long as possible. Well I have, anyway.

But today I am sick at home and unable to do anything much except browse the internet and curse my aching sinuses. I am currently captivated by Filth Wizardry and their absolutely fantastic DIY toys. Banish all thoughts of sock-puppets and cardboard boxes with an X painted on it (Xbox. Geddit?) — these are truly amazing creations, such as their DIY Land of Oz or their Carebear Castle.

These toy mash-ups hold a particular magic for me, because my sister Polly and I spent years working on our dolls house together. It was much more than any dolls house, really, and we were constantly adding to it, recycling bits and bobs from every trip to the brocante or from foraging through the household drawers. We kept anything that might be remotely usable… and generally did use it. I remember a vase made from the nozzle off a tracheo tube brought home from the hospital… Polly and I loved decorating and adding to our house, which originated as a bookshelf and soon extended into a small village of buildings. From the hand-drawn wall-paper to the lego-brick barbecue, every detail was our own creation, such as the hundreds of little books cut from coloured card, each with individual titles and authors, which took forever to cram onto their shelves and which would explode across the library if an unsuspecting visitor was foolish enough to try and remove one for a closer look.

I’m still not very keen on the idea of having something grow inside of me for 9 months and then pushing it out of my hoo-hah. But when I see the toys on Filth Wizardry, I kind of wonder if might be worth it after all. I thought Polly and I were the last children of the 20th century to enjoy such things, as we were part of a rare television- and electronics-free(/deprived?!) family, but it seems this 21st century might still have room for hand-making your own toys after all!


2 thoughts on “twenty years ago, I did this for me

  1. It was full of amazing stuff. I think I have caught your cold…I want to stay in bed soo much.
    BTW I think the Raph business will be ok. I am working mornings, but will home Wednesday morning.

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