Run: yes
Time: 24:12
Distance: 4.15km
Pace; 5:50min/km

Despite my dizzy yoga practice in the morning and an excruciating day at work, I was taunted and bullied into running this evening still miraculously found the energy to run this evening. As I was running with James I ditched the miCoaching, although I had it tracking my run. However, turns out the iPhone4 and Run Keeper are better at tracking runs when it’s overcast and rainy, because according to my phone I only ran 3.5km at a pace of 6:06 — not impressed.

I was surprised how much motivation I drew from wanting to keep up and not wuss out. By the end of the run, notably the last stretch when we sprinted (well, James ran a little closer to his normal speed and I flailed around in an attempt to sprint), I thought my head would implode, but overall I think it was a decent return to running after a week off sick, and a month of running a little more gently by myself.

Now… will I be able to run again tomorrow, is the question!


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