hot yoga!

Except it wasn’t meant to be hot. Today was my first day back at yoga, and back to exercising in general, since I caught the flu. The massage therapist I saw on Saturday advised me to slow down if I got unusually hot and sweaty during yoga, and half-way into the practice I was suddenly dizzy, burning hot and so clammy I had to put my top back on. The teacher saw I wasn’t doing too well so she set me up in a corner of the class to rest in a couple of “re-energising” positions, and made sure I had a hot cup of chai when I’d finished.

Chai is my new favourite thing actually, since way back yesterday when I had a wimpy-sounding honey-vanilla-soy chai latte (coffee being too bad-ass for me) and now I’m actually excited about going to work just so I can get another one at lunchtime!

I think half a practice was about right for me today. I am easing back into it and it felt good to be back, but I definitely am still a bit wobbly from that flu! Hopefully I’ll have time and energy for the run scheduled tonight… I’m feeling much more like myself today.


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