Today I was up and out nice and early to meet Mel at Vic Markets. The plan was originally to find leather to make me a belt but the market was full of tat and so we ate a borek and headed off to Footscray to go fabric shopping for Mel’s Halloween steampunk dress. Belts have been rescheduled for next time!

I think that like many people I enjoy crafts shopping just as much as (if not more than) the activity itself. We had a great time fingering every bolt of fabric in the shop, and whilst the majority of the patterns were hideous there were a couple of cute ones:

As usual I’m a sucker for anything embroidered, even if it’s machine embroidery.

I love how this one has the exact same texture as my baby blanket! Add a grubby satin ribbon and voila! Bagink replaced!

Once Mel has made her selection of black and red silks, we headed back to hers and spent ages reading online steampunk pages, squealing in excitement at the quantity of photos and tutorials.

We had a quick play-around at draping the silk for the over-skirt:

Then her housemates came home — Steve and Panda have some serious burlesque and steampunk costume-making skills, and we were soon fawning over bustles and corsets and dress patterns. They had amongst other patterns one for a dress very similar to Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dress — I exclaimed in delight “it’s just like the Gala–” and Panda finished my sentence “Galaxy dress! You’re right! Best dress EVER!”. Very girly moment… FYI the Galaxy is the most flattering dress known to woman. One day I will own one…

In the interim, maybe I can get Steve to make me a copy…?

Anyway, I’m rather keen to give sewing classes a spin now. There’s a place just round the corner (aaah how I love living in Fitzroy!) called Thread Den which does classes, specialising in 50s and vintage styles, freshening up and fitting second-hand clothes, and of course basic sewing. I think I’ll hit them up next weekend… I know home-made clothes always look a bit funny but I’m more about the making than the wearing!


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