nothing can stop me!

I’m a bit frustrated at the moment with my work, the Australian immigration process, and the cost of having “the best immigration lawyers in Victoria” (FYI nearly $12,000 and counting). However I am determined to stay positive and not get caught in the trap of wasting too much time moping. I have signed up for the sewing classes I mentioned this weekend and I’m going to sit my learner’s permit as soon as possible and learn how to drive before I leave Australia. It’s much cheaper and easier here, I’m told!

I also plan to improve my golf technique (plenty of room for that), try Bikram yoga (to compare with the Ashtanga), and if I can stop getting sick and wasting time in hospitals, work hard at my running. I’m on my way to St Kilda for another run with James which is exciting…

I hope that with all of these things keeping me busy, the summer will go by faster than ever!


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