stepping up

Run: long!
Distance: 6.63km
Time: 42:20min
Pace: 6:34min/km

I was really looking forward to running around Albert Park lake and it did not disappoint — nice flat and forgiving dirt paths made a fantastic change from the hilly tarmac of Carlton Gardens. The run from James’ house and back added on the extra kay-ems to make it a decent and satisfying distance.

I did however suffer my usual plague of the stitch kicking in around 10 minutes into my run. James was as sympathetic as ever and just laughed at me as we were barely a third into the run and there was no way we were stopping, but he reminded me of the right foot inhale/exhale tip some websites recommend.

Surprisingly, this combined with the deep breathing worked to reduce my stitch to a whisper rather than a stabbing pain. I tried breathing in 4 moves (in, pause, out, pause) and trying to make sure my inhalations and exhalations were more or less timed with my right foot hitting the ground. Either it eventually worked or the stitch just wore off by itself but anyway, I kept running!

I can’t wait to run it again but with James off to Brisbane soon it won’t be for another week. We’re going to work up to doing 2 circuits of the lake… Next run, on Friday, is back to Carlton Gardens however.


2 thoughts on “stepping up

  1. I keep wanting to go and run at Albert Park, I should just do it! Have gone onto an eight week program to build up to 8 kilometre runs. This week its meant shorter faster runs, something I need a lot of practice at! Have done two 3.2km runs, first splits at 6min 12 sec/km, second at 6min 28sec/kms. I’m being really tough on myself and think I should be getting under 6 mins after 10 weeks of running though! I think 6min 34sec is fantastic over double my distance, I couldn’t maintain that! 🙂 Sorry to hear about the stitch though, that must drive you mad.

    • I’ve heard one should work on improving endurance before pace, so I wouldn’t get too obsessed with getting under 6 minutes just yet. I’ve seen how well you progress though so I wouldn’t put it past you! Running with boys helps a lot because they push me to keep going past the 20 minute mark… Otherwise I’d do 20mins/3.5km runs and go home for a nap… Lazy :p
      Oh and you must do Albert Park lake! It was very enjoyable!


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