more ashtanga

This morning I pre-purchased another $175’s worth of yoga classes. Unfortunately since my last class, someone (who shall remain anonymous) has been poisoning my mind and telling me that Ashtanga is really not the best form of yoga. Some googling has set my mind at peace, but I have to admit, during today’s class there were moments where I just wanted to drop everything and leave.

However, there were also moments when I couldn’t help but grin. When you can really see the progress, feel the progress. A few weeks ago it was agony to fold with my palms below my feet (pada hastasana), even with knees bent; today, it was more of a mild discomfort and my legs were straight even if I was probably hunched up. My bete noire, utthita hasta padangusthasana, is somehow slowly becoming more achievable. I will keep going and the day I can swing that leg up proud and high I’ll know just how much progress I’ve made.

In fact this morning as we were going into savasana (rest) Amanda talked about how some days we might have had barely any sleep and yet have a beautiful, smooth practice, and other days everything is tight and hurts and you come out of it feeling like you’ve been beaten with a stick. She called it the beauty of unpredictability — you never know what’s going to happen, and there’s nothing you can do except try your best. Maybe today was just a baddish day.

I’ve started reading the book for the learner’s permit… first step towards getting a driver’s licence. It’s brain-numbingly dull but I’ve been putting it off for 9 months now! I am determined to get my permit in the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on “more ashtanga

  1. I used to do a lot of Iyengar yoga classes. I did try Asthanga, I really enjoyed it too, but I was so attached to my Iyengar teacher I didn’t want to change. Do you find that, you get attached to the teacher as much as anything? I miss that feeling that comes from being in a class. I actually haven’t practiced since I had my daughter, but I really should, especially now with the running. Everytime I see a post of yours, I want to get back into it!
    And good luck with your learners permit! Memorise the book and you’ll be fine. x

    • Iyengar yoga is actually the practice that was recommended to me, but as you said, it’s difficult to leave when you’ve become attached to your teacher! Ashtanga is apparently too physical or something, but it’s one of the reasons I do yoga; it provides strength training (I used to have a personal trainer and do weights twice a week but that was expensive!) to complement the running…
      And thanks! I have never lived in one country long enough to start learning how to drive, but I’m so envious of the freedom driving brings!


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