This morning I had my first sewing class at Thread Den, which simply involved getting acquainted with the machine and the basic stitching process. It was a 2.5 hour class but time flew by. We had a play around/practice once we’d understood how to thread the machines, and then made little pochettes.

Practicing was very fun, although I was horrified when I looked up from my messing around and saw the other girls had all been “figure-skating” in contrast with my free-style: hearts and careful patterns and pretty designs everywhere! I guess I’m just not very creative, I was too busy concentrating on staying in control of the machine…

To compensate I kept my pochette’s design very simple (although I always go for small, fiddly bits and pieces… I think it’s cos of embroidery!) and refrained from trying too hard. I didn’t want to spoil the only presentable piece of work I’d be producing. Here they both are, albeit quite crumpled from being stuffed into my handbag after class:

My pochette involved appliqué-ing, interlocking, hemming and… well I guess that’s about it. Next week we can go back and learn zips and such but I confess, I wish I had a machine to just practice on first. Years spent learning Chinese has taught me how invaluable it is to master the basics before moving to the next level, and whilst you don’t need anyone else to do yoga, running or reading a stupid learner’s permit manual over and over…

…practising sewing without a machine is rather more difficult!


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