flexing plastic

My friend Pip laughed at me the other day: “You are always taking classes!”. I remember saying the exact same thing to my dearest friend Rebecca, who encouraged me to do the same, with great results. I think taking any kind of classes is probably the best way to stay sane when you are sick of your job and there’s nothing you can change about it. Even if they end disastrously (like my ballet classes…), it’s the novelty of doing something different — my brain and body have both been doing the same things day-in, day-out for 2.5 years now — which makes it worth the while.

So I just signed up for 4 more sewing classes — Mod 2 (Zippers, Casings & Buttonholes; I think this is the equivalent of a grammar class, essential but rather dull), Mod 3 (I will need to buy fabrics to make my very own bag! so exciting!) and Mod 4 (two 3-hour classes at the end of which I will apparently have created 1xA-LINE SKIRT — watch this space). I am entitled to 2 hours of free practice time for every class I take (which means I already have 10 hours to waste on a machine if I see fit) but the studio isn’t really available at times when I’m not working.

I have also booked a spot next Wednesday morning for my LEARNER’S PERMIT test ZOMG. I have almost entirely given up reading my book as it is more dreary than a Chinese newspaper vocab list, and instead I have been doing tests online at work when I’m bored. I consistently score above 80% so I figured what the hell, I’ll just go ahead and book it. Then I can go ahead and start learning how to drive — driving lessons! yay!

Also attempting to dent my credit card: dentists and lawyers. I know they want to take all my money for themselves, but I want to at least be able to drive a car and use a sewing machine before selling off my kidneys to pay for wisdom teeth extractions, crowns, and Australian residency. Then I can be a travelling seamstress (minus kidneys).

EDIT: My supermate Cici is thinking about doing a leather workshop in Hong Kong… it’s expensive but look how fantastic their creations are(under the “blog” heading)! Unfortunately she’s still paying for make-up classes… aaaah classes!


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