Run: gentle
Distance: 6.07km
Time: 39:14
Pace: 6:28min/km

I went out there without any real plan, simply aware that I haven’t run for a week. I put on some trance and concentrated on not letting my now familiar stitch upset me — I talked about placebos and the power of the mind over pain with my mother on the weekend, so I tried to stay calm and ignore the stabbing in my gut (both sides at one point!).

I also wanted to give the hills a miss, so I zigzagged around the park wherever the incline wasn’t too daunting. I had no idea how far I’d run until I checked my phone after my boss called — 6km! In just 38 minutes! I was so happy I slowed down and stopped right away, something which I now kind of regret. But it’s perhaps a good thing to stop whilst I am still ahead and feeling strong — there will be more runs soon enough, and I have yoga in the morning!


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