calmer seas

I’ve not had a chance to get back to yoga since Wednesday and today I caught the Sunday “make-up” class which is led by a different teacher, Leah. It was probably ideal for me to get back in the saddle: very accessible, fairly slow, and not going beyond those pesky balancing poses.

Additionally Leah has a fairly different approach from Amanda, and seems to have lower expectations of us. She used a lot of half-poses which were far more accessible, and then once you’ve found your balance you can move into the full pose — or not. It took so much pressure off me, to be able to just stay in these easier versions of the poses that tend to destabilise me both physically and mentally.

I’m thinking of keeping this Sunday morning class as a permanent feature; it’s low-key, quite relaxing, and I liked Leah’s methods. I will have Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Amanda still, but I plan to integrate these half-poses (if Amanda lets me…) in places where I usually get upset, like the twist-lunge and of course my nemesis utthita hasta padangusthasana (there has GOT to be an easier and faster way of naming that pose!).


One thought on “calmer seas

  1. The English name for utthita hasta padangusthasana is extended hand to big toe pose – not really any faster but definitely easier to remember and type 😉

    Also, what is this business of your teacher “letting” you do the modified versions of the poses???? Yoga is about doing what is right for your body, if you feel you need to modify a pose to make is accessible and make it right for you on any given day, you shouldn’t have to have your teacher “let you” — it should be a given that this is what you do for yourself! If a teacher doesn’t “let you” modify the poses (or do the half / easier version) it just isn’t right.

    I mean, sure the teacher can encourage you to challenge yourself a bit and try the full expression of the pose, but ultimately it is your decision as only you are in your body and only you know what you need on any given day.

    Can you tell I’m really a fan of modifying poses when needed? 😉 Maybe it’s because all of the recorded classes I take on YogaGlo are given by teachers that keep saying things like “if you need to use a block / put a bend in your knees / any other modifications, you can always do that for yourself. Feel free to take child’s pose and catch up when you are ready at any time”.

    All that to say, having the mid of the two styles can only help you progress! / end rant on yoga xD


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