It’s no secret that I love clothes (hello ridiculously oversized wardrobe and nearly five dozen pairs of shoes), and below my superficial veneer of sophistication lies a love of dressing-up. “Not another dress-up party!” I will groan, rolling my eyes… Ten minutes later I’ll be knee-deep in clothes and accessories, excitedly pulling out my favourite tutus and hats.

A small, select and recent retrospective (un/fortunately most nights remain undocumented, even in these days of facebook):

Baby Spice, for a 90s themed party (with Axel Rose):

1930s, alongside 1970s (party theme: take the last number of the year of your birth and dress as that decade)

The pituitary gland (at a “Pitt” themed party):

And one last one, made out of a ballgown salvaged from an op-shop for 5 dollars:

I hadn’t planned anything this year for Halloween (last year I was a depressed frog) and wasn’t thinking of doing anything special, but then I had a dream I was being attacked by a shark. A steampunk shark. And then I posted about it on facebook. And then someone mentioned the wikipedia article on steampunk has a girl who looked just like me. And she did. And so the idea was born.

I rapidly found all the necessary elements in my wardrobe (in fact too many elements; it was difficult to narrow it down as I have enough for 2 outfits):

And my favourite bit: making the accessories! I am a shameless hoarder. I think it dates back to when I would hoard every scrap that came my way, to create furnishings for our doll’s house. I luuuuurve turning bits of crap into other bits of crap (and the DIY Halloween costume thread on Boing Boing was inspirational too). This morning I turned my old swimming goggles into steampunk leather-and-brass goggles, courtesy of my trusty art supplies. Also a sort of steampunky brooch thing.

My housemate (Hi Mansa!) thinks the steampunk movement is a bit cringey but I had so much fun making them! I think the goggles look pretty smart too :p


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