le promontory

Tomorrow I sit my Learner’s Permit test! I still haven’t read the book so I thought I’d procrasti-update about my fantastic Cup Day.

All of Melbourne grinds to a halt for the Cup, or so I assume, as I was far, far away, at Wilson’s Prom, a national park 240km away from the orange-limbed, over-under-dressed, alcohol-soaked crowds of Melbourne. James bore my running commentary on his driving with great stoicism and we arrived at Squeaky Beach (yes, its real name, and yes, it really squeaks) around lunchtime. Following my first glimpse of the ocean I went mental, as is my wont when faced with salt water. Photos will follow but to give you an idea here I am at Mollymook earlier this year (with beautiful Jess):

I just can’t help it, something pings inside me and I regress to over-excited toddler.

I can’t wait to get the photos (hint hint James) and show you how fantastically gorgeous (and deserted!) it was. We raced on the white quartz sands of Squeaky Beach, clambered over huge rocks, pretended to eat a picnic in Picnic Bay (the seagulls enjoyed it anyway)… and thanks to the perfect overcast skies, our fragile redheaded complexions barely suffered (I’m a bit hot and red in the face but apparently that’s just wind-burn?).

It was a lovely day, a much-needed escape from work and the financial nightmare I am caught in (opening my mail tonight I had a $764 electricity bill and the October $997 bill from the lawyers… I hate being a grown-up!). Back in the real world I’m hesitating whether to go to yoga tomorrow (intro 2) or Thursday instead (intro 1)… I think I want to be fresh and well-slept before this test!

Okay, enough procrastination. Now to read this Driver’s Rules and Regulations dreariness…


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