making it

On Saturday I had the zips, casings and buttonholes class (which was as unexciting as expected but I do at least know how to sew in a zip now — three kinds of zip, in fact). Today I did the much more exciting Module 3 — making a bag. It isn’t much to write home about but now I am definitely feeling more confident about cutting patterns, sewing seams, sewing darts and all that jazz. I am so tempted to get a sewing machine — even though I’m penniless — but the complete absence of tables in my home mean that I would have nowhere to put it. In a perfect world, I would pop by IKEA and pick up a cheap table, pop it in a corner and buy the Toyota currently on sale at Lincraft.

But I am supposed to be saving money (actually, I have no money to save. I am supposed to be not spending next month’s salary). And I am supposed to be getting rid of possessions, not accumulating more. And quite honestly, what am I going to make anyway, with this magical sewing machine? *sigh* Anyway I am looking forward to making the skirt. I can’t say how weirdly moving and satisfying it was to whip my bag inside out and see those darts looking so sleek and professional. Even just the word, darts! I used to read dressmaking blogs with such envy. Now I have 4 whole darts’ worth of experience to boast of.

Crappy picture, which doesn’t show off its reversible nature, but I’m too tired to take more.

Nothing much happening the next week or so… The Australian Masters generally spell hell for me so I haven’t scheduled much. I’m hoping to run with James on Tuesday, and really need to return to yoga this week or I will lose what little strength I have accumulated! I hope that by writing it here it will somehow happen…


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