Just kidding. I’m going nowhere near a marathon.

Run: Gentle
Distance: 5.70km
Time: 40:51
Pace: 7:10min/km

I haven’t run for 2 weeks and I have been increasingly grumpy and unhappy and cross the last few days. I was perfectly aware that it was due to not exercising (I’m suffering from a yoga block after that class with Amanda…) but I couldn’t do it, couldn’t bring myself to get up off my bum and just go. There was no inspiration to be found, no matter what I read or told myself.

Fortunately my own psyche took care of it for me. I had a dream where I was running a marathon, albeit at a very slow pace (the first kilometre took nearly an hour because I was crawling instead of running??) but it was so enjoyable to be just running gently and peacefully that when I woke up, I was desperate to go. I am supposed to run tonight with James anyway, but with work going the way it is, there’s such a good chance of that not happening… and I wanted to run like I did in my dream, very gently and at my own pace.

So I did. And whilst it wasn’t the fastest time, or the greatest distance, it was extremely satisfying. I ignored the stitch which I have to accept is now omnipresent when I’m running, and I ignored the timer in my ear (the first km I ran in almost 8 minutes! awful!). I would have liked to ignore my watch as well but I was late getting up and had to squeeze in a shower before work…

And so hopefully I am now back! I feel so much better, so much more focussed and better equipped to cope with work, and above all, in a far better mood. With summer here and my mornings free, I have to stop making excuses not to run… more running dreams please!


2 thoughts on “marathon!

  1. Yay for you! I can imagine a two week break would be hard to come back from. I’m logging my runs on Daily Mile now to keep me on track and out there every other day.

    • Logging runs definitely helps and it’s so satisfying. I also love being able to track everything through my phone and just run wherever I want knowing it will tell me how far I’ve run! I used to estimate the distance but I was doing it quite wrong…


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