defeated by a stitch

Run: I don’t even want to know the details…
Distance: (because I have to know anyway) 2.43km, of which half was walked
Time: 22:07

I woke up at 7:00 and bounced and bounced and skittered around waiting for James to wake up and get here and get changed and stop talking with Mansa about iphones and GO! and then finally at 9 we got going!

And then it just hurt so badly, despite all my efforts at ignoring the pain and breathing deeply… Despite James patiently following my slow slow pace and the silly loops I like to take through the park… So I gave up. We walked a little further and then decided to head home and get breakfast.

Alimentari’s delicious pain perdu with caramelised bananas and ricotta (which I mostly managed to ignore) sort of made the morning better but it definitely doesn’t compensate for the disappointment of not running. I suppose there’s still the weekend — and my friend Sana has sent me some new transy-electro music which might help me pace myself better — so let us see what Saturday brings.

On Sunday I have to go to the stupid stupid Masters for the golf, and simper and smirk at a herd of Vietnamese clients who are oh-so-important that I have to give up one of my precious weekend days off. My boss feels it’s a reward and a privilege (so I don’t get extra time off to compensate), but I’m not crazy about drinking in the heat whilst watching Tiger Woods and making small talk with drunken clients. I’ll report back but I don’t think this will qualify as something I did “for me”.


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