This morning was my first driving lesson. I thought it was tomorrow, which gives you an idea of what an excellent PA I am. Anyway, the instructor came over to my house when I failed to appear at my office, and I could postpone no longer. There I was, behind a steering wheel, for the first time ever.

We did a few back streets and I guess I’m going to be okay after all. Like all things long put off and anticipated, it wasn’t as monumental as I thought it would be! I have another lesson tomorrow… I’m living on toast so I can afford to learn how to drive… Two weeks till pay day!

I am aware that my mood leaves room for improvement, which indicates I need to go running. I am cold and tired. Maybe tomorrow morning before driving. I keep waking up at 6:30, then falling back to sleep and having vivid, violent, disturbing nightmares, so I hope tomorrow will be different!


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