and not a single stitch was had

Time: 49:12
Distance: 7.40km
Pace: 6:38min/km

Obviously this run was a mental health necessity, so I was never going to push too hard — in fact I walked for the first couple of minutes. I always try to note down in here what gave me the motivation to get up and go; today I lay in bed for an hour first and googled “how do I get up and run in the morning”. Eventually I read the right words: “No matter how tired you are, a few minutes of walking/running usually snaps you out of it. :)”. That worked, although I’m not sure why!

No stitch. I love no stitch. No matter how nice it is running with my extremely patient boyfriend who slows down to a crawl so I can keep up, I have to admit that running at my own pace, without any talking, and listening to trance, seems to cut down on stitchiness!

I always get cross when I end the run and then discover I was “only” a hundred metres from finishing off a kilometre, or a minute away from a round time. When I ran on the treadmill I would nearly always clock up double digits on the distances because I always wanted to have round numbers, and would keep pushing by constantly aiming for the nearest goal, changing between time, distance and calories. I hate being so close to 7.5km, which in fact is only a couple minutes from 8km! Maybe I need to start checking my distances more frequently in order to get longer runs in. For now though, I need to run more frequently rather than further/faster.

Eeeek! Must dash. Driving lesson in 40min!


2 thoughts on “and not a single stitch was had

  1. Well done on getting out of bed!
    I wish it was easier here, but cold and damp and knowing the fire is out makes me linger under the duvet.

    • I totally blame the crappy weather. Remember how when you were here, it was either blazing hot or torrents of rain? yeah well instead it’s just mostly overcast and not quite warm enough to not wear tights…


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