my first century

I logged into miCoach today to turn off some notifications (being emailed every day to remind me to go running is annoying and ineffective, who would have guessed?) and was greeted with a huge Congratulations — I’ve now run 100km since I started using the miCoach system on the 30th of August. I have been rather lazy in the last two months, but that still works out at an average of 10km a week…

I’m also informed that I have run a total of 11h 30min 44s, burned 6346 kcal, and that my fastest kilometre was run in 5:01 minutes. I think my running/working out hasn’t been its best these last few months, and I wish I had stats for early in the year when I was on an exercise binge, but then again, at least I have nothing to compare it to and therefore it looks like progress! What’s the point of looking back and saying “I used to be this good… I used to be this strong… but I’m not any more”? No point whatsoever.


2 thoughts on “my first century

  1. Wow, all those calories, and five minutes for a kilometre, I found myself thinking “she could run to Frayssinet in ten minutes!” except that isn’t your average speed…it’s your fastest. 😦 oh well, still pretty good.
    love you, and you know the weather will improve, and then you will be regretting this cool time.

    • I probably could run there in 10 minutes if sufficiently motivated! My average speed is 6:30/km but I rarely push myself speedwise… When I ran with my personal trainer 10km/h was my “rest” speed, and we’d be pushing 15-16km/h (4minutes/km) 2/3 times a session… See what I mean about comparisons!


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