small runs

Run: Petite
Time: 19:28
Distance: 3.11km
Pace: 6:16min/km

As usual, I woke up a little after 6am. Eventually went back to sleep. Woke again a little after 9, to see seven missed work-related calls on my phone. Determined not to start work before I was supposed to at 11, I decided to squeeze in a mini-run instead of listening to my voicemail. I am focussing on frequency over distance and speed, as mentioned in my previous entry.

I had more of my friend Sana’s awesome cheesy easy-listening electro-pop to listen to; it works perfectly as it’s very relaxing and invigorating all at once. Does that make any sense? You can listen to a couple of the tracks here. My favourite is the second one, Anoraak — Nightdrive With You. I find I breathe just great and don’t get stitchy at all when I listen to this kind of music.

And now, it’s a beautiful day, and I’m being released early from work! And I’ve just been informed that tomorrow night James and I are playing hipstery mini-golf! And I have this crazy plan to run around Albert Park lake TWICE tomorrow morning (when in fact we all know I will be hungover in bed instead, but you gotta have dreams, right?)!

Happy Weekend!


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