Run: frequent!
Time: 23:57
Distance: 4.07km
Pace: 5:51min/km

Nightmares! Even though I had an amazing weekend and my Sunday night was sheer perfection (my cooking exploits to be blogged soon!), I am still plagued by violent nasty dreams every morning. I was shaken when I woke up today at 7, and didn’t get round to leaving the house till just before 9. Motivation: get out there before it gets too hot, and clear my head from the monsters haunting my sleep.

And it was a lovely easy run. My pace keeps getting quicker; I’m only aiming to get out there and run for 20-30 minutes every couple of days, but I’m obviously getting stronger and I hope to get back to previous levels and beyond. Today I felt I did really well despite being on my period. Unfortunately my Pill is no longer succeeding in blocking the deluge of PMS hormones and I’m a raging inferno of nastiness. I’m lucky that my boss, despite his various shortcomings, does understand and respect the notion of PMS and so he and the rest of my all-male office are tip-toeing around avoiding upsetting Aunt Irma (if the picture below means nothing to you, you need to watch the IT Crowd!). I have a Dr’s appointment this week so I hope I can sort this hormonal mess out before I bite someone’s head off.


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