GPS is boo

Time: 26:34 + 6:32
Distance: 4.23km + 1km
Pace: 6:17min/km

I motivated myself easily this morning — the idea of escaping a warm and muggy room for a run in the cool breeze before it got too hot outside was very appealing.

I ran easily around Carlton Gardens once and then broke free and decided to run to Edinburgh Gardens for a change of scenery. The run along Nicholson St was great, every set of pedestrian lights was green and I didn’t have to stop once. I’d accidentally set my music on repeat:1 instead of repeat:all, and was stuck on “Dance the way I feel” which is a great song, really energetic… but was starting to do my head in after a few repeats.

So my run went smoothly for about 4km and then I reached the end of the path at the other end of Edinburgh Gardens and thought, Hmm. I don’t like running here. I’m bored. So I stopped and walked towards home, but ended up running the last kilometre or so. This isn’t that exciting except that when I got home and checked the run report on my phone, it told me I had run the last kilometre in 4:20min. I was so excited! Then I got to work and checked it out in detail, and the stupid GPS must have somehow gotten confused by the traffic on the corner of Brunswick and Johnston, because it shows me as having dashed all over the place:

The pink line is my actual route, and the purple one is what the miCoach GPS tracked. So I didn’t run that fast after all. So sad 😦 It’s the risk of depending too much on technology, I guess. I’ve never noticed this before but I always run in parks rather than along roads, so I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with GPS interference from cars — empty roads and parklands are precisely tracked.

I wouldn’t mind so much, only miCoach now thinks my fastest kilometre is 4:10 (not even 20??) and I will have to delete the workout and re-enter everything manually to avoid throwing off my stats.


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