This blog is meant to be for documenting happy, positive things only, hence its somewhat over-abundant use of exclamation marks and cheeriness. I will therefore try and write about this in a vaguely cheerful happy fashion…
I’ve broken a molar in half, split right up into the root, and I just got back from the dentist, who muttered “You couldn’t have chosen a worse tooth…” and tutted and tutted and tutted. He ripped out the smaller half and put a dressing on for now, but I’m going to need so much work on it, and I already have so much work scheduled on the tooth next to it, and this is going to make it very difficult to work on either tooth. I’m down for two crowns — a minimum of $3,000 — and that’s not counting all the other work they will have to do… oh sigh. Why? why why why? why is all my hard-earned money just floating out the window? I want so desperately to save up and go home to France; it’s not like I want to spend it on partying or luxuries…


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