Distance: 5.42km
Time: 31:08
Pace: 5:45min/km

Albert Park Lake! I selfishly abandoned a sick and feverish James and got up at 7:30 to run without him. The thought did cross my mind that if I couldn’t make it all the way round the lake it would be a long walk home, but then I reminded myself that I can easily run 5km these days. I wanted to see how long it would take me in contrast with the last time (in case you were wondering: last time it was 37:17, a clear 6 minute difference!).

It was no real effort to run there and around the lake, and I should have run home too, which would have added on an extra kilometre, but as usual I always underestimate my remaining energy/stamina. Or maybe I overestimate it, post-run? Anyway, I’m still very happy with my time – the first 5km were done in 28 minutes which puts me at well under 30 minutes. I hope this weekend I’ll find the motivation to do a nice long run, if I can pace myself and not go too fast.

And then after my run, I had a driving lesson and did my first reverse park! Oh if only I wasn’t constantly worrying about money, my life would be pretty awesome right now.


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