whose side are you on anyway, miCoach?

Distance: 3.52km
Time: 21:58
Pace: 6:12min/km

Because it’s hard enough to get up and go exercise every other day, I took the decision last week to just concentrate on doing a minimum of 20 minutes for most of my runs and have only a couple of runs where I push harder. This way, I can’t use the excuse of not having time to run before work, or not feeling up to it. I “just do it”.

This means it’s all fairly uneventful. I am annoyed though, when I check the miCoach stats, to see that although it tracks my distance and route very faithfully, and of course my time (the most basic of stop-watches can do that so it’s nothing to write home about), it keeps dropping out when I’m running. I’ve always noticed it thinks I just stop, 2 or 3 times a run, and this really irritates me!

In other “Things I did for me” news, I have started making my A-line skirt in my sewing class, which I will probably (hopefully?) document at some stage. I also made crepes last night and they were quite decent, if a touch lumpy because of the wholemeal flour I used! I don’t think I’ve made them in years but for once I had all the ingredients so I was able to immediately act upon impulse and then stuff my face. Crepes and sugar and lemon are the best.


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