gingerbread girl

Distance: 13.51km
Time: 1:46:38
Pace: 7:53min/km average – but how do you average out a run like this anyway… GPS was skittish as a colt!

I knew I was 15km away from achieving my goal of running 50km in November. Last night I realised today was the last day of the month and it was now or never. Based on James’ suggestion, I decided to run to the Yarra and then follow the river for a few kilometres before heading back to Fitzroy. This would work out about 8km, and whilst it wouldn’t be quite enough to meet my goals, it would be a nice change/challenge. Well.

Well, I should have looked at a better map! I had no idea where I was; after I crossed the river at Gips St, in my mind I was running north up the Yarra and could simply cross at the next suitable bridge, run back down the river, and then head home after I hit the Abbottsford convent. In fact, the Yarra Bend is so named because — you guessed it — it bends. Sharply. After I crossed Kane’s Bridge, I got increasingly confused and tired (I’d hit 9km at this point), running and then doubling back twice, absolutely lost. I eventually stumbled into the Yarra Bend ladies’ golf club, and then burst into tears.

A nice lady called Jan sat me down and gave me some water and a Melways. Both of us tried to work out how I’d got so lost and realised I’d come much further than I intended (plus I’d added on a huge loop of crazy riverbank running because it was so fun!). After I’d got my bearings, I was off again, heading back to the big smoke.

You can kind of see here what my run was like. There were quite a few “doubling back” moments, and the GPS went crazy near the river for a while, but I think it all averaged out in terms of distance and speed.

At this point I was worried I’d not get back in time for my Dr’s appointment at 10am in North Fitzroy, so it was no time to slow down. I put my music back on, breathed deep, and set off at a brisk pace. My feet were a bit sore but otherwise I felt good! I heard kilometres 10, 11, 12, 13 ticked off as I scampered back towards home, and then there I was, sweaty and a little breathless but victorious beyond belief, and with 20 minutes left to shower, eat and get out the door.

I was confused when I peeled off my running gear to see my once-white-now-very-grey sports bra was stained orangey-brown. I wondered if some pollen or something had fallen inside… No. I had rubbed the skin raw during my 1-and-3/4 hour long exploit and bled into my bra! Now that’s hardcore. I also have a huge blister on one toe… battle wounds…

And now I have seen the doctor, I’m heading in to work and will be driving this afternoon. I’m feeling quite invincible right now but by bedtime I’ll be very vincible indeed! I’m betting shin splints are on the books tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “gingerbread girl

  1. Oh what a run you’ve had!! I can’t imagine how you were feeling during it, but I bet you felt fantastic afterwards. Except for the ouch factor with the bra, I know where you’re coming from on that one. xx

    • To be honest I felt really good for most of it — kms 1 to 9 and 10 to home were great. The best bit was running along this tiny hilly little path beside the river! It was more anxiety about running out of time and then panicking that I’d come too far, then completely losing my sense of direction, which sucked during the 10th kilometre. It was so fun to be running somewhere new and different where I’d never even walked before!
      Afterwards I did feel great, specially when it sunk in just how far I’d run; however I had the worst knee/shin pain for 36 hours… I’m just starting to recover now.

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