cooking again?

I made a foods! a foods that wasn’t toast or steamed veggies! even though I’m dead tired from this morning’s humungous run!

I was all set to steam chinese broccoli, carrot and cauliflower, adding soy sauce and ginger to the water. Then I saw my curry powder in the cupboard and had a sort of flash of extra energy. I ended up saute-ing onions, stirring in curry powder, adding sweet potato and cauliflower, before emptying in a tin of lentils. Ta-dah! Rosie curry.

I steamed the Chinese broccoli as planned, according to Alison’s technique, and it tasted fantastic mixed in with the Rosie-curry and a couple of spoonfuls of rice. I have plenty left for tomorrow’s lunch too, which is good, as I’m down to my last 37 dollars (fake money of course, as I owe $1300 on my credit card, so really I have $-1263! Yes… all that…)

This brings me on to my big challenge for the next month. I’m going to stop using the credit card. I always pay it off but I’m sick of so much of my money being syphoned off from the moment I get paid. So! Here’s hoping the dentist doesn’t destroy all my good plans. If I can break the credit habit for just one month, everything should improve significantly. I’d get rid of it completely but I know I’ll need it further down the line, when I’m travelling.


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