green soup

Walking to the supermarket after work, I noticed one of the faux-talian restaurants on Lygon St had potato and spinach soup as a special. This immediately inspired me, and as frozen spinach seems to multiply inside my freezer, it was a good opportunity to use some of it up. Plus I anticipate much soup-eating after tomorrow’s dental appointment.

I picked up some vegetables at the supermarket, having learned at last to not buy too many at a time (so many times I’ve staggered home loaded down with produce which has then blissfully rotted in my fridge!), but was anxious to avoid my usual post-market cop-out. I decided not to buy bread, even though soup without bread is a tragedy. I’m realising that bread is the main reason I don’t cook; I eat toast-and-something most nights. But whenever I’m on the poverty diet, bread is the first to get eaten up and then I have to eat whatever else is in my cupboards.

So… Sorry got a bit side-tracked. Basically I have to stop buying bread and my cooking skills will blossom. To wit: my green soup.

Sautee 2 small onions, a large knob of ginger, both chopped, and a spoonful of garlic (no garlic to be found anywhere in Carlton! I had to buy that dreadful paste…) in olive oil. Then on impulse chuck in a load of curry powder (my new favourite ingredient). Stir for a while, add bay leaf and some veggie stock. Then throw in potatoes, chopped small for quick cooking. I learned this trick almost 20 years ago, from the delightful Grimble(by Clement Freud) and always exploit it mercilessly.

Leave to simmer for as long as it takes for the potatoes to cook (according to Grimble, if it’s 20 minutes for one potato, it’ll be 10 minutes for half a potato and 5 for a quarter… hmmm). Then when taters are sufficiently soft and melty, chuck in a block of frozen spinach, slightly thawed from sitting on the counter. By the time the spinach has caught up with the rest of the pot, the soup is ready!

It looked so bright and pretty that I was tempted to eat it as is (ignore my always disgusting messy plate — Masterchef contestant I am not):

But I knew it would be better blended, and so I got out the World’s Smallest Food Processor and blended seven tiny batches of the stuff. Soooo yummmmy! And a bit messy. Not as pretty but most definitely delicious. Even without bread!

I have tupperwared the leftovers. I’m very happy with my soup!


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