sans musique

Distance: 4.09km
Time: 28:15
Pace: 6:54min/km

Graham and I finally caught up for a run this morning and despite a pact not to speak a word… 1km in I had a stitch. We weren’t even going very fast, due to Grah’s hangover, and I just wanted to take it easy. But running with other people is really no fun. I like to start out very slow and warm up during the first 3 kilometres, and then either go home or bloom into a comfortable running pace for a proper run. My experience of running with Graham, James and Finn has indicated they prefer to run hard for 3 or 4 km and then stop. Or go on running hard. Is it that frustrating to warm up gently? My calves are too tight to go fast straight away!

Ah well. At least we saw it through, with grim determination on both sides. I fought my stitch, concentrating on how the rest of my body felt, and breathing like an asthmatic. A miserly 4km, churned out in 28 minutes of suffering – amazing to think I ran 6.5km in the same time a week ago!


2 thoughts on “sans musique

  1. I agree with you about running by yourself. I like it when I’m out and there’s a few people around to pace myself on (as in watch them run off into the distance!!), but for me, running is very much about me – and I love the time to myself to do it. x

    • I used to think of running as something I needed a partner for — my boyfriend was originally my running buddy — but I think these days it has evolved into something more self-focused and I definitely run better alone. I’m glad you can get some time by yourself for running!


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