wipe out

True to myself, there came a point yesterday (which may have been before the class even started, when I was playing my DS in bed and wishing I didn’t have to go) where my interest in the sewing classes drastically plummeted and I could barely bring myself to finished off the skirt.

Basically it didn’t look very good; I’m really glad I had the classes and I’m confident I can now use a machine and achieve decent results. But what I made looked really very average, due to us making it based on a pattern that was really sized too big for me (oh dysmorphophobia, quand tu nous tiens!), and then needed to be re-sized completely.

I’m kind of glad I made the mistakes I did because I understand dress-making a lot better for it, but as I don’t have a sewing machine or any plans to buy one soon, I don’t really feel like doing more classes soon.

That said, I have a really unpleasant flu-tonsil-thing going on, as I do every year, and I am fairly grumpy about everything. I’ll see how I feel next year when the new timetables go up. At least unlike with the yoga phase, I’ve not been left with a load of pre-paid classes…

My spare money is mostly going to driving lessons anyway. I’m reaching a point where I’m a little more confident about driving and am thinking of having a go at driving with friends! But not quite yet. Maybe in 2011.


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