lots of little things:

a little run! even though I am still a bit sick, I went for a quick 2/3km run (ran 2km, walked 1km) this morning, so as not to break the habit.

lunch bags! my favourite thing about trying to save money is making my lunch and packing it into my lunch bag. My lunch bag is a Volcom handbag I bought years ago in London and then promptly regretted as it is rather impractical. But it’s perfect for assorted tupperware and a waterbottle! Today I had: carrot sticks and grapes, last night’s (home-made) chicken curry with mashed potato and chinese broccoli (how fantastic is chinese broccoli? I think I prefer it to normal broccoli these days), and a very ripe mango.

crazy weather! is anyone else in Melbourne saturated with news of the terrible rain expected in the next day or so? I took this picture when I was walking to work this morning, just minutes before a massive tropical rainfall. I was remembering the wind at Wilson’s Prom and how soft and wild the air felt under the grey skies. The tram tracks on Nicholson St reminded me of the sand and for reasons I cannot explain, I had to snap a picture of my imaginary beach. Can you see it? Yes I’m probably still feverish and should be in bed…


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