Today I learned that my fears of cooking meat and choosing wine are for the most part well-founded — but at the end of the day, mistakes are how you learn. And James didn’t throw the plate across the room or glass my face just because the veal was tough and the cabernet sauvignon was… well I don’t really know what’s wrong with it as I don’t like wine much anyway. Next time I’ll cook the meat faster, and probably get a more expensive wine (it wasn’t cheaaaap but still I regret not getting the more expensive one).

However I did have fun planning and making this dish. I picked up some veal at Coles because I liked how non-disgusting it looked (I’ve been cooking variations on that braised chicken curry and whilst thighs taste delicious and are a bit cheaper than chicken breast, they are Revolting with a capital R to prepare). Then I found a recipe involving ingredients I already had, ie mushrooms and tinned tomatoes, and ran with it. Veal cacciatore was on the menu tonight.

It looked fun while it was cooking, and the novelty of cooking with wine and capers and rosemary made me feel very sophisticated.

However it looked rather less sophisticated when served up, even when paired with James’ fantastic garlicky buttery mashed potatoes (I hope he will give me the recipe one day…). As usual, my mad plating skills are something to be envied, but to be honest by the time food is ready I can barely be bothered to snap a quick shot: I want to taste it!

So… the veal was verrrry tough. I probably overcooked it? But James said the sauce was fantastic (yum for mushrooms!) and Mansa said it tasted better than her mum’s cacciatore so it wasn’t a complete failure. Baby steps! I will learn to cook yet!

I have also purchased upon impulse some pink ling fillet so I’m going to experiment with that in the next couple of days. Watch this space!


3 thoughts on “cacciatore

  1. I don’t think it was tough from too long, more perhaps the way it was cooked. Normally for a casserole it’s just a quick blast in hot fat to seal it, but then long gentle simmering in the sauce to cook it. Maybe you fried it too long at the beginning?

    • Yes that is what I mean by having cooked it too long — I fried them for too long, trying to get the “golden brown” colour going. Next time I’ll know better! I think the butter should have been hotter and fried very quickly.

      And the wine? How the hell does one choose it? Just go for something a bit spenny I guess… 😦

      • Very difficult when you don’t like wine very much!
        I try for wine that isn’t too dry, but it depends on James’ taste.
        Look at what the grape is, and when you find you like one..?

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