don’t worry!

At the moment I am even more freaked out by babies than usual, due to having to look after one. I was all “wow my driving lessons are helping me to develop patience” and then BOOM I was stuck with a screaming 10-month-old CLW (I won’t tell you what that stands for but it’s my favourite baby-name which I developed for my niece Miah when she was 6 months old and it has been applicable to many others left in my charge ever since).

I have also nurtured an increasing fear of pregnancy and giving birth and it’s something I obsess about on average once a month despite having zero plans for a baby in my immediate future. So when one of my favourite bloggers linked to her latest article on pregnancy, I read it. And it was awesome. Because she is hilarious and now I know no matter how I give birth the resulting child will get trampled by wild horses, leave the door open all the time, or get addicted to crack. It’s such a relief!


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