run like a girl

Distance: 5.1km
Time: 33:26
Pace: 6:33min/km

Today’s run had several distinct stages, as most of them do:

1: weeeeeeee! look at me! I’m running! this is fuuuuun! (generally lasts about 2 minutes)
2: owwwwwww my calves/knees/ankles hurrrt. I should slow down
3: aaarghh this is hard work! is that a stitch? I’m going to run ONCE round the park and then I’m SO heading straight home.
4: oh god it is a stitch. NO! I refuse to be stitched! ow. ow. ow ow. dig nails into palm of hand and concentrate on that pain instead. listen to the music. breathe.
5: (circa 2km) hmm gonna push a bit longer. maybe I’ll run down this shady flat bit for a while, and see how I feel. stitch seems to be gone.
6: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love running! this song is awesome! go me!
7: (circa 4km) hmm well I’ll definitely get to 5km. But I don’t know if I have time for more… bit tired…
8: (circa 4.9km) PANIC! I don’t want to stop! but I’m going to be late for work! quick, dash up this path here and then leg it to the final corner of the park!
9: (5km) well I guess that’s it… time to go home…
10: (once I have reached home and started to peel off my gear) I could TOTALLY have run another half hour or so.

Of course, sometimes I stop at the 2km or the 4km mark, and sometimes I go for longer than 5km… but the interior monologue remains the same… And so does the bright red face at the end!

This is my favourite running shirt in summer. It’s not clingy and doesn’t hug you, but it’s still quite flattering, it’s lightweight and does actually wick away sweat (unlike the promises made by Nike, lululemon, adidas et compagnie), and of course, it’s funny (It says “RUN LIKE A GIRL”, in case that wasn’t clear yet). I have two of them — I bought the first one because it made me laugh and was only $5 on sale at Reebok. Then I wore it once and went straight back to the shop to grab a second one! Best shirt ever.


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