Distance: 6.03km
Time: 37:19
Pace: 6:11min/km

Today I ran to Fitzroy Gardens for a change of scenery. It’s about 1.5km to the park from my house and then 2km exactly around, but I messed around and zig-zagged wherever I felt like running, to avoid too much sunshine. It came to exactly 6km just outside my house, which is perfect!

I have this kind of goal of running 50km every calendar month, which I rarely achieve but I generally come close to. miCoach tracks things for me and tells me where I stand, and today it congratulated me on having run 150km since I started using the programme. It’s been about 3 and a half months… not too bad I guess, especially as I keep getting sick!

September: 48.7km
October: 27.92km
November: 53.30km (which is more than I’d calculated, but I’m terrible at maths!)
December: 18.5km so far

(I know, the figures don’t add up, because I’m ignoring August as it was only a couple of days and a couple of runs)

So… my motivation is to chip away at those 50km every morning when I wake up. Some days I just don’t feel like running, so I don’t, but others, like today, I wake up and just know I have to run. I really want to get a big run in this weekend! Unfortunately drinking nearly always interferes…


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