running in the rain

Distance: 5.14km
Time: 33:26
Pace: 6:30min/km

I wanted to get a little run in today, even though I have a big one planned tomorrow with James, because… well just because! But I woke up at 7 to drumming rain outside my window. I changed my mind a dozen times but after reading some running articles online — nothing motivates me more than reading about running! — I knew it was just a question of getting the right clothes on and getting out there.

My running-in-the-rain accessories: a hat, to keep the rain off your face, and cling-film, to keep your BlackBerry dry (I carry it in this awesome little running belt but it’s not waterproof). And music, because if you can’t hear the rain around you and you can’t feel it on your face, and you’re wearing long sleeves and leggings… it turns out you don’t notice the driving rain all that much.

And whilst the run was fairly standard, the best bit was getting into a hot steaming shower and washing away the coldness of the rain. I like cold rainy Saturday mornings because I like laying in bed listening to the rain on my porch, and snuggling under my duvet. But it turns out running in that cold rain followed by a shower is rather fantastic also…


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